Backhoe Work

A construction backhoe is a big, impressive piece of equipment!

And the arrival of the backhoe at a construction site is often counted as the “official” start of construction. Most clients who build custom homes want to be there to record the moment when the first “bite” is taken out of the site. It’s true that a lot of work leads up to that day, but it’s memorable as a graphic reminder that men and machines work together to create the homes, offices, schools, shops and restaurants that we all use daily.

WJC Constructors is the kind of construction services company that makes those kinds of things happen and, subsequently, makes dreams a reality. From initial dirt work through final grading, from trenching for water lines and other underground utilities to laying out a driveway and forming up the sidewalk, a home or commercial building would never be built without the variety of services that this family-owned company can offer.

The company itself is unique. With a passion for construction and a commitment to serving clients and community equally, WSJ has built its reputation on the principles of honesty, integrity, reliability and impeccable quality. Personal service and timely response are not just empty words for this firm, and expertise developed over the years allow the human team and the mechanized machines to operate jointly to satisfy customers and complete work as specified.

When you need a backhoe operator who enjoys every hour he spends in the cab, William J. Cook is the person to call. He credits his childhood fascination for big machines and construction equipment with his adult passion for the building profession, and he can’t imagine spending his days in any other pursuit.

When he’s on the job in his backhoe seat, he may wave at you, but you can bet he’ll be concentrating on the work he has to do!