Concrete Work

Concrete work is a building specialty that is sometimes undervalued in the total building process. A slab that is well-formed, poured properly, and finished with care and quality makes the rest of the building process easier and more efficient. And the skill required to pour stem walls and retaining walls, or to form and finish a driveway that will withstand years of use is not to be taken lightly.

WJC Constructors has many years of experience and a superb record of quality in concrete specialties. With expertise developed over years in business and a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, the company’s concrete creations are a kind of visual record of their success across a wide spectrum of construction specialties.

Owner William J. Cook is the prime example of the philosophy that permeates the entire company. Enthusiasm, love of the work, a determination to excel and a commitment to service form the foundation of the company, just as concrete work forms the strong basis of many building projects.

With headquarters in Bastrop, this family-owned construction services company is available for both residential and commercial projects in the surrounding area, including Caldwell, Lee, Fayette and Gonzales Counties.

Whatever your needs, when you need experience, expertise and detail-oriented construction work, you can rely on WJC Constructors to deliver the goods! That’s a good thing to remember, because the range of services that our company offers can simplify the task of building in many ways. Let us be your trusted resource for the up-front prep work as well as the finishing services that you require.

From site prep to demolition, clean up and haul off, we prioritize your needs and will work out a schedule that meets your timeline. Why not put WJC on “speed dial” so that we can meet you on the jobsite?