Demolition may not be as creative as new construction, but it does require a certain measure of expertise. And WJC Constructors knows how to do demolition right!

Taking apart some of the old is almost always a prelude to remodeling. Whether you need a wall removed in order to add a room or a roof torn off in preparation for building a second story, our team can handle it. We take care to destroy only the parts of a home or building that cannot be reused. During demolition, we are careful to protect and preserve the existing structure, and we assure that wiring, plumbing and water lines are not damaged.

We work diligently to clean up your site as necessary. And we contain the debris and haul it away.

In the event, complete demolition is required, we try to preserve any building materials, fixtures and systems that can be recycled or reused, because that’s the environmentally appropriate thing to do. In addition, we are careful to mitigate the effects of hazardous materials that may be part of the existing building.

As a family-owned business, we know the value of developing skills that enhance our ability to service our customers’ needs, and we are committed to serving the communities in and about Bastrop in every way possible and to the best of our abilities.

We are specialists in fire restoration, clean up and repair, and can respond quickly with the right people and equipment in emergency situations. Whether your project is large or small, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and provide a comprehensive estimate that details our services and scheduling.

We hope you’ll make a note to call WJC the next time you need restoration, or construction-related demolition services. After all, we’re neighbors!