Many people don’t realize the beating an ordinary driveway can withstand — both from the weather and from constant use by vehicles large and small. Whether your driveway is a 25-foot swath of concrete leading from the street to the garage door, a half-mile long gravel path leading to your house and barn, or a dirt trail down to the fishing cabin, the concerns are similar.

First, the way should be passable in all weather conditions, during both driving rains and blistering heat. It should also be relatively easy to maintain over the long term, although dirt trails will no doubt require periodic regrading!

Your driveway, especially in a residential subdivision, is also likely to be used for more than driving on. It can serve as parking lot, project surface and sport court. If it’s relatively level, it might experience bicycle and tricycle traffic, become a garden staging area, serve as “canvas” for chalk art projects or even hold the neighborhood lemonade stand. It also reflects on you and your pride of place. You don’t want the surface to buckle and crack, become unnecessarily stained or look old while it’s still new. You also don’t want to see greenery growing up between the seams of the concrete, or poking through the asphalt.

Maintaining the driveway’s good looks and serviceability, no matter what its length or surface, depends at least partially on the prep work that went into it. WJC Constructors never skimps on that prep work, from staking out the dimensions and determining proper slope to scraping the soil, compacting the dirt and finish grading. We’re happy to coordinate your plans with designers and landscapers, and we’ll even suggest ways to deal with drainage, runoff and weeds.

WJC brings our years of experience along to every project; it’s just what we do!