Digging holes in the dirt is something little boys and their dogs enjoy, but the owner of WJC Constructors says that he has a passion for it! The owner of this family-owned business, you see, developed a love for big, powerful construction equipment when he was just 8 years old, and his dream job today revolves around putting his backhoe and bobcat through their paces.

The holes he digs today may be larger than those he dug as a child, and they’re definitely more complicated, and more important — at least to his clients. Residential and commercial customers in Bastrop Country and the surrounding area rely on WJC for their major excavation needs, and for professional construction services of all kinds.

Because Cook is the primary operator of his firm’s equipment, he is a regular on job sites large and small, and he plays a pivotal role, not only in daily operations, but in defining his firm’s operating philosophy. As he notes, he is a neighbor to many of his clients and counts them as friends.

If you need a hole in the ground for a parking garage or a swimming pool, call WJC Constructors for an estimate. We can bury your propane tank or install your septic system. We will dig trenches for your water lines, prepare the building pad, carve out your driveway and handle a host of other construction-related services. And when you need either rough grading or finish grooming, clean up and haul-off, even demolition or fire-damage clean up and restoration, we can handle it. WJC is a state licensed septic installer, and is fully insured.

We are committed to providing great service, on time and within budget, and our reputation is built on the precepts of honesty and integrity, quality and reliability. We would consider it a privilege to work with you.