Fence Installs

In Texas, there are many kinds of fences: those that keep things in, and those that are meant to keep people and animals out, to provide privacy, to define space, to make a statement. Mostly, though, fences are meant to last and to continue doing what they were meant to do for a long time.

The actual fence installation may not be difficult, but the planning involves time, accurate measuring, proper foundations, a knowledge of land conditions and contours, proper preparation and the use of the right materials. In short, building a fence that will continue to look good and serve its owners the way it was intended for years to come takes some experience and expertise.

That’s what WJC Constructors brings to every fencing job, whether it encloses your back yard or your “back 40.” We will help you with the details too: brick or stone pilasters, columns to go with your architecture, split rail fencing with the look of the Old West Whatever you envision, all you have to do is describe it to us, or show us a picture and we’ll take it from there.

Because we are professional site specialists and full-service contractors, we’ll also secure the permits, arrange for an accurate lot or property survey if necessary, give you an upfront estimate, and provide you with a contract and a reasonable schedule.

We have built our business on honesty and service, and we have been in business long enough to know that the only way to stay in business is to satisfy every customer every time.

So, next time you want to fence something in, or keep something else out, why not give WJC Constructors a call. We work all over Bastrop and surrounding counties, and we’ll be waiting to hear from you.