Septic Installs

In many parts of Texas, building a home outside of an urban area requires installation of a modern, approved septic system. In order to comply with state regulations, anyone who installs those systems must be licensed.

WJC Constructors holds the necessary On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) license that assures completion of course work and compliance with the governmental standards and regulations surrounding installation, repair and maintenance of approved modern septic systems for homes, farms and rural businesses. The license, issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, certifies that the company has met all classroom requirements, and demonstrated professional knowledge and expertise.

In Bastrop and surrounding counties, WSJ Constructors is thoroughly qualified not only to evaluate site conditions, analyze the soil, calculate your needs and install the proper septic systems, but also to manage and complete a wide range of additional services for residential and commercial construction projects. Licensing, although not required for all construction trades, offers the public a safeguard and the assurance that standards are met.

The certification also requires ongoing performance that adheres to stringent environmental rules and government-mandated guidelines, and that installation, maintenance and necessary repairs will be performed to standard. In addition, it testifies to a company’s commitment to excellence.

WJC is proud to hold the license, and also is fully insured in order to further protect and reassure clients. However, the firm points to its record of success and to its roster of satisfied clients as proof of performance. The company specializes in septic systems, and its principals are extremely knowledgeable about local soil conditions, topography, weather and physical features that affect efficient operation.

When you require an authority on septic options, call WJC for a quick course on what you should consider before installing a system. Your needs are our first concern, and we promise to give you accurate information and great service.