Site Work

On a construction site, as with almost any other project, planning and preparation efforts will determine the success of the entire job. That’s why the initial site work is so important for both residential and commercial building projects.

WJC Constructors, serving all of Bastrop County and surrounding areas, is a full service and fully qualified construction company that excels at dirt work. The company has the experience and the proper equipment to clear the land, level the lot, install a septic system, complete needed trenching and excavation, carve out a driveway and form up the building pad.

Owner William J. Cook learned to love large construction equipment at an early age, and his enthusiasm has grown over the years right along with his expertise. He is still the primary equipment operator and he’ll tell you it’s his dream job. You can be sure that this “master” is passionate about properly preparing the site on which your dream building will take shape.

This family-owned business is dedicated to building long-term relationships, and was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, quality and reliability. The company is fully insured, and holds the Texas On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) license, which governs the installation of individual septic systems. No matter what your specific site requirements may be, you can rest assured that WJC will take it from permit stage through final grading with ease and skill.

We work with architects, general contractors, specialized trades, and with owners and designers to assure that required site work is completed to the highest standard, and that other phases of construction proceed smoothly, resting on the solid foundation that we helped to provide.

WJC Constructors not only “talks the talk.” We use our equipment to perform like a well-choreographed team that makes every site a work of art!