Skid Steer Work

When rough grading that is commonly performed with a large backhoe needs to be refined and sculpted a bit, assistance is routinely required from a smaller, more compact “mechanical helper.” A skid steer is designed to fit in tight spaces and to function as the “detail” machine for sitework, final grading and landscaping; with a compact bucket and a variety of optional attachments, including blades, scrapers and augurs, it can also perform specialized duties. It’s an invaluable tool for a full-service construction services company.

There are at least a dozen jobs that are too big to complete by hand and too delicate for large machinery. But an adaptable skid steer in the hands of a trained operator can make short work of most tasks. Watching a talented operator on a versatile skid steer can be almost as much fun as watching a professional athlete compete.

Not only is it fun to watch; it is more than rewarding to see the results. It’s no wonder then, that William J. Cook, who operates most of the machinery for family-owned WJC Constructors, was “smitten” by the prospect of running construction equipment when he was only 8 years old. He is still thrilled every time he is able to climb into the seat of one of his impressive machines. And he takes justifiable pride in the results he and his company have achieved.

When you need construction services — ranging from initial sitework and dirt hauling all the way to final grading, driveway installation and landscape sculpting, WJC is the company to call. We work throughout Bastrop County and surrounding areas.

While operating his machinery represents a dream job for WJC’s owner and president, the services offered by the company can fulfill all of your modern construction dreams. Let’s talk about what you need.