Water Lines

There’s an art to digging trenches for water lines, no matter what kind they may be. All types of lines that carry water are incorporated into the fabric of a new home or commercial building: supply lines, trenches to carry water under the slab, irrigation lines, sewer lines. Different rules and regulations govern location, slope and depth, size and placement for each type of line; we know what’s needed to tie in to a meter, or to install a hydrant. We even know the hoops we must jump through anytime we need to go underground, whether on public or private property.

As sitework specialists in and around Bastrop County, Texas, WJC Constructors also knows how to operate both large construction equipment like backhoes and bobcats and handheld trenchers and tunnelers, even spades and hoes. We will employ whatever tools and “tricks” are necessary to get the job done right — for new construction or for line replacement work.

Buried utility work in new neighborhoods is exacting; there are painstaking standards in place to assure that finished plumbing and water lines do the jobs they are intended to do. While the actual installation of the lines is left to others, it is our job to make that installation as easy as possible. We take our responsibility seriously, and we work with other construction trades to assure that it gets done right!

That’s the foundation of our business. We subscribe to the Golden Rule, not only for our dealings with clients, but for our interactions with other contractors.

If you’re building new, adding on or remodeling, we are here to help. If you need to install new lines, relocate existing lines, repair broken lines or plan an extensive irrigation installation, we’re ready to go, and we have the equipment to make it all happen.